Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Notstandskomitee concert video AKK Karlsruhe 18.6.2015

Notstandskomitee live at AKK Karlsruhe 18.6.2015 

Excerpt of the concert by Notstandskomitee, the full length is usually between 30-40 minutes. The concept of Angewandte Elektronik TV Festival is to film the artists separated from audience, augment the video with graphics by a VJ and project it to the audience. Also performing on this evening were Circuitnoise, Blood Vault and Benoit & The Mandelbrots.

For booking Notstandskomitee write to : booking AT tmkm DOT dk

video by Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

full Embedded Artist concert online

The full concert of my project Embedded Artist which I run with Wolfgang Spahn, performed at Spektrum Berlin the 28. August 2015:

"Embedded Artist" is a media performance that combines four different layers merged into one visual entity. As a contemporary Gesamtkunstwerk, 3D models, video scratching, live camera, and mechanical effects are projected and combined within the space. The sound of the performance combines mechanical industrial noise with digital synthetic sound, which create structures and patterns connected to the visual output.
In this performance Spahn and Steiner have developed their own system to control multiple embedded systems using Pure Data, Raspberry Pi, Raspian, and Python, where as hardware components several Raspberry Pi's are combined with Paper-Duino-Pi's remote controlled via OSC from the performers laptops.
The 3D models are animated in OpenGL, where video and live cameras each run on a Raspberry Pi. Mechanical and optical effects such as fragmented projections are generated by servos and glass prisms, which are projected back onto the walls. "Embedded Artist" is filming the audience as well, which are additionally re-projected back into the space.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Notstandskomitee remix and concert Karlsruhe 18.6.

Notstandskomitee performs in Karlsruhe the 18.June 2015 at AKK on the festival Angewandte Elektronik TV, along with Circuit Noise, Blood Vault and Beno√ģt & the Mandelbrots:

Just released is a remix for Bitemap from Barcelona which can be heard on Bandcamp:

Thursday, October 2, 2014

exhibition and concert in Berlin 3.-5.October Signs Of Dexterity art festival

the first showing of the installation deStatik in Berlin and a concert by Notstandskomitee are in the talks for early October for the Signs Of Dexterity art festival. DeStatik will be shown from 3.- till 5. October, Notstandskomitee performs Sunday the 5. October 19:00 and share the stage with old tape scene buddy C-Drik.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Witchfinder General

If you had ever faith in humanity, this film might help you. Witchfinder General from 1968 sports one of Vincent Price strongest and most serious performances in a dark and depressing movie. Absent is his typical overacting style which makes his evil characters kind of likeable or at least enjoyable, this is the real deal, playing the sadistic witch hunting general abusing his power. Prices not getting along with the director Michael Reeves might helped. Its amazing how a movie set in 1600s times during the witch hunt times can be still disturbing, after watching it I was terrified and depressed (well before watching it I was just depressed), its a good party stopping movie and belongs in the list we discussed here a while ago of the movies you should bring your first date, when you want to stay on your own. Very close to the Theatre Of Cruelty. Director Reeves died just some months after the release, some say it was suicide.
Its success created a short lived hype of witch hunt movies, also because they are good excuse to show scantily clad women and violence, most notorious the German coproduced Mark Of The Devil with Herbert Lom, Udo Kier and Herbert Fux!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Elektronengehirn Germany concerts in August

next Elektronengehirn Germany concerts dates:

24.August Platzhirsch Festival Duisburg performing reqPZ
28. August Kyoto Protocol NK, Berlin performing reqPZ and Octopus, a collaboration with Michael Lyons from Kyoto, Japan

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

RIP Marilyn Burns

Texas Chainsaw Massacre scream queen Marilyn Burns passed away at 65.
She also starred in Tobe Hoopers second, lesser known movie Eaten Alive. After his success with Texas Chainsaw Massacre he reunite with writer Kim Henkel and assembled with a higher budget an interesting cast in an amazing set that unlike his first movie is not realistic at all, its artificial looking giving the movie an colorful EC Comics feel. Marylin Burns plays the young mother of a dysfunctional family with William Finley (the phantom in De Palmas Phantom Of The Paradise) as husband, checking in the wrong motel in a swamp area, ending up screaming her lungs out, again. In the cast was also Robert Englund who later shall become famous as Freddy Krueger, delivering here a quote in the opening scenes which decades later will be picked up by Tarantino. Carolyn Jones as an old brothelowner, unrecognizable in her mask as an old hag. Only 10 years before she fueled our gothic dreams as Morticia in the original Addams family. Mel Ferrer is on the receiving end of my favorite murder in this movie, Stuart Whitman supports as Sheriff. But the star is Neville Brand as mumbling vet and owner of that motel who lost all his marbles.
Unfortunately Tobe Hooper got kicked out during the filming by the producers but the film feels rather coherent in all its insanity.

Unfortunately Tobe Hooper got kicked out during the filming by the producers but the film feels rather coherent in all its insanity. The electroacoustic soundtrack is again done by Hooper, like in TCM.

Here Englund recalls his meeting with Jones 

The trailer, unsuitable for children as all of my posts so get of my lawn you brats: