Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pure Data workshop in Berlin, January

I will provide a Pure Data ( workshop for 5 - 20 participants in January in Berlin Kreuzberg (Ritterstr. 3), in two parts, fee for each part is 50.- € including VAT or 80.- € including VAT for both weekends, starting 14:00 till open end:

12./13. 1. 2013 (focus on audio):
- Introduction, History of PD
- messaging, calculations, interfacing (OSC, Midi)
- audioprocessing, history of soundsynthesis and how to rebuilt historic synthesizers with PD

19./20. 1. 2013 (focus on graphics):
- 3D realtime graphics with GEM
- video processing with PDP + GEM inclusive camerainput
- motion tracking

write me if want to join: mktsteiner AT googlemail DOT com, bring laptop, your drinks and food (some coffee/chocolade will be there) and good mood, additionally midi or other controllers....

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Notstandskomitee live Berlin tonight

Today is a screaming nice saturday and tonight Notstandskomitee meets Femme Facade at Supersonic Club Berlin, Weichselstr. 15 Berlin Neukölln, 22:00

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kino Kabarett 2006

At Kino Kabarett 2006, where you have 48hours time to conceive and finish a short movie, I made some soundtracks, like this one. Zabel and friends from Reunion came up with this thing and while they were filming, me and Volker Havlik, with whom I had the project Konform together, made the soundtrack. Working title was Gratte Les Couilles which was changed in the similar subtle name Wanker.
Regular listeners of my music will recognize some of my signature sounds, augmented with Volkers guitar works.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

9 movies to ruin your first date

Here is a list of extreme and disturbing movies, certainly nothing for anyone below 18 or 30 years, you have to have the mental constitution and media competency to digest these, otherwise your soul might get folded like an Origami went wrong.
These are perfectly suitable to ruin your first date, normally your date becomes your opponent, throwing up and/or just walk away. If not, your are dating either
- a fellow cineast, so you can look forward to countless hours discussing movies. Dreams can get true.
- your psychiatrist, so that straitjacket isn't a fetish toy…
- YOU should walk away as quickly as possible

Anyway, these movies are giving your first date that certain Taxi-Driver extra:

1. Salo by Pasolini. An important movie showing how victims becomes offenders. Very intense and precise, watching this felt like getting skinned alive, was thinking about leaving the cinema. Was banned in Germany. The most gross effect (those who have seen it, know what I mean) was done with Mousse-Au-Chocolat and orange jam, actually yummy when you think about it.

2. A Serbian Movie
Seems to be the new king of disturbing movies. Haven't seen it and from what I read about never have the intention to. But yeah, said the same when I was looking at the lobby cards of Dawn Of The Dead, but that was 1978 and I was 8 years old, perfectly happy with Disneys Snow White, Godzilla movies and Bud Spencer. Meanwhile I enjoy watching the original Dawn once a year, reconstituting my distrust in mankind and 70s wardrobe.

If you ever need some depressions, paranoia and want get rid of your appetite or any positive attitudes towards sexuality, this might be your ticket. Maybe watching Bambi several times after that cures the wounds.

3. Last House On The Left by Wes Craven
Hard to believe that David Hess was in general a nice guy and wrote songs for Elvis Presley and others, but thats acting. One of the first movies combining a Chainsaw and a human being, 1 year before Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
A modern version of Bergmans Virgin Spring.

4. I Spit On Your Grave
Haven't seen that and don't feel I ever want to. Main actress of the original 70s version is granddaughter of Buster Keaton.

5. O.K. from Michael Verhoeven
A german take on the horrors of Vietnam war or war in general. Everything looks fake and it tries to break the illusions of film, but its intense, has a snuff feeling and it brought down the Film Festival in Berlin 1970 because of the eventual dispute. Haven't seen it yet but I am curious, but it might damage my soul. Gustl Bayrhammer is in it but Pumuckel left the building.

6. House On The Edge Of The Park
Deodatos coverversion of Last House, complete with David Hess again in action.

7. Night Train Murders
Another italian Last House/ Virgin Spring version

8. Irreversibel
Not seen yet but Whitehouses William Bennett was impressed by it so it cant be a casual movie

9. Henry, Portrait Of A Serial Killer
some parts are uneasy to watch, I was suffering

Another nominees are Clockwork Orange (although the over styling ease it a bit),Ms. 45, Man Bites Dog and Deodatos Cannibal Holocaust (I wanted to like it because of its intensity and being a precessor of Blair Witch Project and others, but animal snuff is not acceptable ) and countless more…

Friday, July 20, 2012

Restlichtverstärker live in Berlin 21.7.2012

My band Restlichtverstärker with Servando Barreiro will perform tomorrow the first time in Berlin at Supersonic Club, a year after my Notstandskomitee concert there.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blender lecture / workshop at LPM Rome tonight

I am going to give a Blender lecture / workshop tonight, 31.5.2012 from 22:00 till 1:00 at LPM in Rome, more schedule here. The Notstandskomitee concert is moved to 2.June at 22:20

Sunday, May 20, 2012

next events

lot of stuff going on so here some of my next dates:

22.5. PD-Berlin Meeting at NK Berlin
24.5. Restlichtverstärker concert at LiWoli Linz
31.5. Notstandskomitee concert + Blender workshop at LPM Rome
9.6. Notstandskomitee concert with outpt+paris at Panke Berlin
7.7. Elektronengehirn headphonefestival Lab-Gallery Sweden
3.8. exhibition opening Galerie Einstellungsraum Hamburg

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Elektronengehirn concert 16.April 2012 Berlin

Elektronengehirn performs at Mme Claude Berlin, 16. April 2012 21:00

rehearsing Elektronengehirn PureData live setup at the Block 4 studio Berlin

Experimontag at Madame Claude Lübbener Straße 19, 10997 Berlin, Germany

The full program:
CONURE (Ambient Noise/US,DE)
Now based in Berlin, Mark Wilson (also of 15 Degrees Below Zero and Rings of Smoke Through the Trees) has been creating ambient noise and other varieties of sound art under the moniker Conure since May of 2000. He has released an extensive catalog of music on Edgetone Records, Connexion Bizarre, Solipsism, Crunch Pod, and others, in addition to touring successfully throughout the US, Canada, and Berlin. Conure has also collaborated and performed with various other sound art, new music, and jazz musicians such as Big City Orchestra, Instagon, Nihil Communication, Rent Romus, CJ Borosque, Phillip Greenlief, and Thomas Park, amonst others. He currently utilizes various microphones, effects pedals, loops, field recordings, and mixer as his main set of tools to create sounds that range from minimal drones to heavily layered walls of feedback and cacophony.

ELEKTRONENGEHIRN (Electroacoustic Computer Music/Berlin)
After Elektronengehirn had started as a sideproject of the industrial outfit Notstandskomitee in 1996, it quickly took on a life of its own. Elektronengehirn is experimental and closely connected to the visual arts. The main feature of this electroacoustic music is that it’s done only with software instead of hardware synthesizers. Malte Steiner, who is the head behind the music, uses Max/MSP, pd and csound, and has played concerts in as many countries as Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK, Cuba, Thailand and the US.

DAVIDLY (Implied Music and Ambient/US, DE)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Muybrige 182 birthday

Todays Google doodle reminds me that I am lucky enough to own all 3 books of Muybridges Human And Animal In Locomotion. His pioneering high speed camera studies of human and animal motion is still an incredible resource for art and animation.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Notstandskomitee concerts and releases

Well, a lot of Notstandskomitee going on in the last couple of days. I remastered faithfully thefirst tape Bohrmaschinenmorde from 1992 and made it available as digital download on Bandcamp, quite Industrial stuff:

It can be heard also on along with Automatenmusik from 2001 and Thermal Explosion Machining from 2011, which are also available on Bandcamp.

On 20. March I will perform at King Kong Club Berlin

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

!Linear, first interactive media art piece for e-reader

This is one of the first, possibly the first interactive media art piece for e-reader. I am fascinated by the esthetics of the electronic ink which is different from the usual backlit color screens. After several years working with projections this is first of my artworks which needs a proper lighting. It is also interesting to work with and around the inherent limitations like the latency in the response and switching of the screen, complex animations are not possible without flickering.

!Linear (pronaunced nonlinear) is about interactive storytelling from user generated content, a mashup. Pictures are taken and processed from Flickr and their tags are displayed, user can choose from the provided tags how the next image will be searched. The selected tags combined form a sentence and creates with the images a non linear story. Read on at

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Logcat Nyan Android

while programming for Android (soon more about the results) I discoverd the logcat symbol in Eclipse, love that small icon, attached resized. Its for the log output and shows a Nyan Android.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Blender as batch processor

quick Blender tip I wrote:Blender as image batch processor with the composite nodes, needed yesterday to convert files:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

new remix out

received yesterday the new [de:ad:cibel] ep Self Fulfilling Prophecy with my remix. Feels good to be again on a record with PNE, always fun to remix/deconstruct EBM.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We Come In Peace

The latest piece by Notstandskomitee, 'We Come In Peace' can be heard here:
Its a submission to Xania Keanes upcomming Zoltar project. The aesthetics of my contribution reminds a bit of my side of the old splittape 'Suicide Invasion' with Stin Scatzor, which has the same inspiration as the crowdfunded movie Iron Sky. You will hear about that tape soon more too...

Friday, February 17, 2012

What I am actually doing

Passed the whole day writing applications for grants, workshop and exhibition opportunities and residencies.
When I am, as a visual artist, supposed to write to stay in the game, what are writers supposed to? Paint a picture to get their new script read?

Friday, February 10, 2012

exhibition and concert 11.Feb Berlin

Sa.11.02.2012 >> 20Uhr

Potsdamer Straße 91. 10785 Berlin

An lab situation evening with
- exhibition
- installations
- performances
- electroacoustic concert
and more

1. Etage

Participants >> *Antti Pussinen // *Christopher Fröhlich //
*Dominik Eggermann // *Eiliyas //
*Leila Evensen // *Malte Steiner//
*Reinhold Gottwald //*Rosmary Lee //
*ter Hell // *Nicolas Kashian //
*Bernd Boehlendorf //*Thibault Bourgoing//
*Wolf Furchtmann//

21 Uhr electroacoustic concert Fröhlich/Steiner

Walden Kunstausstellungen

*Franz Hugo // *Jari Haanperä // *Roi Vaara

Roi Vaara
"With Golden Touch"
5 short videos

Jari Haanperä
sound & light installation,
nonformat projektor

*Franz Hugo
performance "Erschütterung"
22 Uhr

will be streamed via

Saturday, January 28, 2012

the regression of Midi

a weird way to fix the dreaded midi jitter under Windows 7, it sends the midisignal as audio to the DAW where a VST plugin decodes it back to midi data.
How about just fixing the drivers? Midi was so stable long time ago...:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Battery exchange

started a new section on Block 4 about exchanging memory batteries in studio equipment, first is the Yamaha FS1r:
read also the disclaimer here: