Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Firefox 3.5 is amazing

Quite thrilled about the new Firefox release 3.5. The reason is the inclusion/perfection of many new open web technologies which make proprietary plugins unnecessary. For instance native support for video with the open Ogg Theora codec/format will give it a boost, it could be a gamechanger. No need for Flash anymore, also for animated vector graphics. SVG, HTML5, Javascript and the Canvas element are really exciting. Only thing missing is complete 3D with OpenGL but they work on it.

The rest of the demos shows more possibilities inclusive motion detection. So you can create netart like with Processing, but without the need of Java. Actually there was already an implementation using Javascript.

This release reminds me on the 90s when we discoverd feature for feature from Netscape Navigator, creating all sorts of crazy things.

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