Thursday, March 25, 2010

Icon Midi controllers

Never heard before from this company, Icon. Because I build my own software instruments I tend to drool more over controllers than the current boring synthesizer offerings. So far I missed some news about controllers from Musikmesse, but Icon seems to build some USB class compliant devices so that they run under Linux, unlike the epic fail Novation Launchpad.

Their I-Stage and I-Creative are most destinct, I wonder of the quality and wether the leds can be controlled via Midi to give optical feedback, would be cool for stepsequencers!

They also offer a MackieControl clone called QCon for 500.- €, only downside: only 1 of the 9 motorized faders is touch sensible.

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  1. Hi !

    A review is available here

    Seems it is still not available in Europe though. Have had mine since beginning of December but it came directly from Hong Kong.

    Jérôme (Espace Cubase)