Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wonderland Wednesday

the desktop sharing feature of wonderland

just attendend the Wonderland Wednesday meeting, first time for me in 3D chat for years. In the 90s we created a lot of artistic multiuser VRML worlds and had meetings via Blaxxun servers. After they went down there was silence but I kept looking for open alternatives, to create surreal multiuser experiences. Finally the open source Open Cobalt and Open Wonderland are good enough so I guess I will start to use Wonderland, also because I program Java but have a vague idea about Smalltalk, on which Cobalt is based.
What I like on Cobalt is that its based on P2P technique so they dont need a server. And its easier to jump from world to another.
trippy desktop sharing feedback

The Java based Wonderland has better looking graphics but uses much more ressources. But its has more optional modules to plugin and add features and development seems to happen faster. The default avatars and the worlds, as you can see on the pictures, are boring but everything can be customized easily. Both programs are mainly for business and education but I dont intend to simulate the real world.
New experience for me was the usage of voice chat, back in the 90s we had not the bandwidth for that fancy stuff, just text chat to communicate.


  1. Glad you could join us today for the Wonderland Wednesday session! I look forward to seeing your Wonderland creations.


  2. Thanks for Wonderland. Hopefully in the next months I can become an active member in the Wonderland community,not only creating some worlds and avatars, also programming cells. I am interested into getting OSC out of Wonderland, WonderlandOSC, as I understand, is for getting OSC in.