Tuesday, September 8, 2015

full Embedded Artist concert online

The full concert of my project Embedded Artist which I run with Wolfgang Spahn, performed at Spektrum Berlin the 28. August 2015:


"Embedded Artist" is a media performance that combines four different layers merged into one visual entity. As a contemporary Gesamtkunstwerk, 3D models, video scratching, live camera, and mechanical effects are projected and combined within the space. The sound of the performance combines mechanical industrial noise with digital synthetic sound, which create structures and patterns connected to the visual output.
In this performance Spahn and Steiner have developed their own system to control multiple embedded systems using Pure Data, Raspberry Pi, Raspian, and Python, where as hardware components several Raspberry Pi's are combined with Paper-Duino-Pi's remote controlled via OSC from the performers laptops.
The 3D models are animated in OpenGL, where video and live cameras each run on a Raspberry Pi. Mechanical and optical effects such as fragmented projections are generated by servos and glass prisms, which are projected back onto the walls. "Embedded Artist" is filming the audience as well, which are additionally re-projected back into the space.

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