Saturday, February 3, 2018

Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen noise concert Berlin

Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen is playing this Sunday, the 4. Februrary in Berlin at Noiseberg:

Atelier Äuglein
Oppelner Strasse 12, 10997 Berlin

Sonntag 4. Feb 17:00

Tina MK Madsen — wearable sounds /denmark

Giovanni Verga — recycled electroacoustics /italy

Pollution — intangible blanket /italy & netherlands

Tonesucker — grave digging drone /united kingdom

Eric Wong & Mark Alban Lotz — vibrating molecules / hong-kong & germany


Danish visual artist and researcher Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen primarily works with performance art, sound and open technology. Her piece Little Fists weaves together motion-triggered sounds, highlighting both patterns and freak occurrences, ultimately generating dark visions populated with slowly evolving textures and anguishing sonic artefacts.

A careful navigation in hazardous waters punctuated by abrupt transformations, the music of British drone band Tonesucker layers electric guitars, modular synthesizers, self-made electronic instruments and field recordings into intense mythogeosonic soundscapes—a map of pulses, neural noises and indistinct chimes. There is no telling whether any of this is real.

Basing their performance on the digital/analog dichotomy, Pollution force opposites to coexist. Natural and artificial, order and chaos contaminate each other in a continuous flow or feedback. Results a total fusion and mutual contagion—sounds becoming both cause and effect, a vibrating unit contracting in all directions. The duo's compositions are inspired by formal techniques found in century-old cinema and surrealist painting, as well as concrete music, electronic synthesis and free composition.

Electronic musician Giovanni Verga manipulates synthesizers and self-built instruments into organic, repetitive musical images reflecting as electroacoustic fata morgana. Faint, subtle and somewhat miraculous, his sounds function as a whole, from sources difficultly individuated, generating new living entities the time of a performance.

Composer and flutist Mark Alban Lotz and Guitarist Eric Wong join their skills the time of an improvised piece, during which subtle melodies made of vibrating molecules are expected to be generated and degenerated.


Expected Schedule
5.00 = Doors Open
5.30 = Bar — Giovanni Verga
6.15 = Studio — Tina Madsen
6.45 = Bar — Tonesucker
7.15 = Studio — Pollution
8.00 = Bar — Eric Wong & Mark Alban Lotz


Noiseberg is a monthly, non-profit event. You may make a donation to the musicians—It isn't mandatory but qualifies you as patron of the arts, which is nice.

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