Thursday, May 3, 2018

vr back

Being artist-in-residency in Ii gave me time to finish an online VR piece for my music project Notstandskomitee, done with WebGL and compatible with modern browsers but preferable to watch on mobile devices like phones and tablets/pads because the device orientation does control the point of view. On IOS devices tab on the world after it loaded to hear the sound. And close the browser tab after you are done so the battery is not drained in the background:

My tradition with VR goes back to the 90s, when VRML was about the next big thing after WWW and HTML, which unfortunately never happened. After experimenting with online VR worlds and the multiuser system Blaxxun, it became appearent that it was to ahead of its time. I concentrated on working with 3d game engines for live visuals for my music projects or art installations, more on the page linked above. Virtual reality will also a part of our installation at Art Ii biennial.
I am happy to see that HTML5 and WebGL take off where VRML left.

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