Friday, April 24, 2020


When we released 1994 the splittape Kassettentäter on block4 with De Fabriek I thought that was it for this medium. It was intended a bit of farewell and Kassettentäter is a term from the times of Geniale Dilletanten in the 80s. In the following years I released on CD, Vinyl and later also digital downloads.

Fast forward to 2018, the french label Serendip Lab contacted me to release a Notstandskomitee album on cassette again, the first on this medium for 24 years. Now there are already 3 tapes out and some you still might be able to obtain, two Notstandskomitee and one of my project Akustikkoppler with Matthias Schuster.

Find that at

Expect more to come, on tape and Vinyl.

While I am not so good at living in the past and serving nostalgia, I remastered gently and rereleased some of the older tapes digitally. The first three ones (Existenz, B.S.E., Homunkulus) of Das Kombinat are available on

the first one by Notstandskomitee, Bohrmaschinenmorde at

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