Thursday, February 19, 2009

Package from France

Recently I received a package from La Motte Servolex, France, with my equipment of the installation 'First Person Spam' which ran from October to December 2008 at an exhibition there. Its funny to see the whole setup compacted in a small parcel including the sensors, the interface and the small netbook which run the whole thing. I started a webpage describing the setup on this computer, in this case the Acer Aspire One 110L which was powerful enough to handle the virtual environment I created with Blender's game engine. It was still allright but in general the configuration on the solid state disc was a bit borked so I decided to reinstall everything and put eeebuntu instead of the Linpus default OS which came with the netbook and that was a bit limited. At the moment I am amazed what this small gadget can handle inclusive realtime synthesizer software like AMS, PD and Zynaddsubfx although not with low latency because its a default kernel without realtime patch, something I am going to install next...

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