Monday, May 20, 2013

Linux Audio Conference 2013

A week ago the 2013 edition of the annual Linux Audio Conference were held in Graz, Austria. Here are my personal highlights which by no means is any assessment, its just what is important for me and I even missed a lot. The proceedings can be downloaded online and the videostreams are now available.

- Csound: a lot of improvements are going to go into the release of version 6, a major code rewrite. New Instrument definitions can be injected in running Csound instances, something which makes it suitable for livecoding. I am not a big fan of livecoding but along with improvements in the API Csound becomes even more attractive for including in own software

- Extendedview: a collection of abstractions for Pure Data to create videomapping. I used and developed further the former patches provided at PDCon Weimar, but this release is very extensive and solve a lot of problems I had before.

- Faust can now generate also LV2 plugins, very nice work by Albert Gräf. So with the same DSP code you can generate diverse plugin formats and in examples externals for Pure Data

- the audio framework Clam got some improvements, have to investigate further. It can be now interfaced via Python.

- quite several alternative sequencer / notation projects with interesting features, like the just intonation sequencer Rationale or Laborejo

- Bill Gribble start his own version of Pure Data. Not sure where this project goes but worth to keep watching it.

- Fernando Lopez-Lezcanos project to recreate the space of Hagia Sophia from Istanbul through convolution was touching and put Fons Adriaenses JConvolver on my map.

- sadly I missed Oscar Pablo Di Liscias talk about the ATS spectral data toolkit for Pure Data, certainly I will watch the archived stream when I have time

- Roman Haefelis netpd looks good as always

- Jeremy Jongepier showed the guitar multieffect software Guitarix running on a Raspberry Pie in low latency

The concerts were a good showcase of audio on Linux and my personal subjective favorites have been the multichannel electroacoustic concerts and performances by Second Sense (
Li Chi HsiaoYen Tzu Chang) and Alexandros Drymonitis

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