Sunday, May 19, 2013

Notstandskomitee news

The mastering of the 6. album by Notstandskomitee (actually the 11. if you count also the tape releases) is finished a while ago and will be released soon on Audio Visual Algebra from New York. Meanwhile I had to move out of the nice Block 4 studio in Berlin Kreuzberg and found a new one in an industrial space in Berlin Charlottenburg / Moabit. Not so much is setup right now, only what is necessary to program and rehearse the upcomming live shows. Later I will do the unpacking and cabeling, lot of things needed to sort out.

Next performances are going to be

26. May at LPM in Rome where I also do a Pure Data workshop and

28.June Berlin at Loophole together with ReVerse Bullets, another friends from New York.

While the set is made on one hand this time with Ableton + a lot of custom programming in Max4Live, the visuals are done with the open source game engine Panda3D, controlled from Ableton. Later I will document and share an example, also thinking about giving workshops covering the whole workflow from creating animations in Blender to programming the setup in Panda3D with Python and control it via OSC.

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  1. Update: the event at Loophole Berlin the 28. June is canceled, but Notstandskomitee will perform 20. June in Berlin at ZMF Summer Solstice event.