Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Notstandskomitee live video from Piksel 2008

Here is a rather low quality video taken from the livestream of the Piksel 2008 festival, coutesy of, an independent global stream service. I performed my new visual synthesizer software which I am about to release sometime soon as open source, but it already influenced Minicomputer . This concert I performed 2 times so far last year, this show was 7.decembre 2008. Java required for the player.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Minicomputer softwaresynthesizer 1.3 released

Standalone free open source Linux software synthesizer Minicomputer is released in version 1.3.

This version features better envelope generators with exponential behaviour and compiles now with newer versions of GCC.

Minicomputer is a standalone Linux softwaresynthesizer for creating experimental electronic sounds as its often used in but not limited to Industrial music, IDM, EBM, Glitch, sound design and minimal electronic. It is monophonic but can produce up to 8 different sounds at the same time. Synthesis is subtractive/FM with a morphing formant filter.