Saturday, January 30, 2010

Minicomputer version 1.41 released

just released the version 1.41 of the softwaresynthesizer Minicomputer for Linux. Its mainly a bugfix release:

- fix: names of patches and multis were displayed wrong, only the last letters which are usually blanks (1.4 from yesterday didn't resolved it completly)
- fix: change so that it can be now compiled without being in C99 mode
- new: using alsaseq eventfilter to receive only events that are processed

more at

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

network concert sunday 17.1.2010

As a member of PD-Graz I perform on sunday a network piece I composed in Pure Data. I will perform in Hamburg, stage is at ESC in Graz. But ORF will pick up and maybe even a stream is available, not sure about that.

new Notstandskomitee remix

Notstandskomitee remixed a song for Trike, check it out at

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Arno Juerging

Lets begin this year with some cineastic. Splatterbuffs certainly are aware of Andy Warhols Frankenstein and - Dracula, drastic reinterpretations of the famous tales (avoid the German DVD releases, they are cut!). Both have German actors in the main roles, Udo Kier as lead and Arno Juerging in servant roles. While Kier continue to act till this day on both sides of the big sea, its difficult to trace Juerging which stuck in my head for his outragious performances in both movies. IMDB lists only a few movies for him and its said that he commited suicide shortly after the release of the two horror movies, which cant be true -at least regarding the point of time- because I found traces at least till 1984 (which can be just the release year). There is an Arnold Jürging in the German comedy Didi Der Doppelgänger, and here is a clip featuring him again in a supporting role: