Saturday, July 31, 2010

lecture 2.August Linux Audio

I am going to lecture about Linux Audio and production with open source tools at Linux Stammtisch Centro Sociale Hamburg on Monday, the 2. August, 20:00. I will show Ardour, Pure Data, Csound, Qtractor, Alsa Modular Synthesizer, Minicomputer and more.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alan W. Moore in Hamburg

Alan W. Moore is in town and going to have 2 lectures. Tonight (28.7.) he speaks about the “House Magic” project at Frise Hamburg, 20:00.

Alan W. Moore, art historian and retired artist, speaks about the “House Magic” project. This “bureau of foreign correspondence” (himself) is a years-long project dedicated to explaining the movement of occupied social centers – besetzten H√§usern mit politischen Richtung aka “Centro Sociale Occupato Autogestione” (CSOA) – to a U.S. audience. The first show was produced by the visual arts collective at ABC No Rio in NYC last year, and included “wallpaper,” stencils, banners, videos, books and dossiers from the internet. Later shows of this mobile archive were in Chicago and Philadelphia. Moore's research trip this summer has taken him to London, Madrid and now Hamburg. Auf Englisch mit some Deutschliches interpolation. With pictures.

Tomorrow 20:00 he speaks at Unlimited Liability (Norderstr. 71 ug) about "New York Art Gangs, post-'68"
--"Artists' groups do not make objects so much as they make changes"--

Beginning with the Arts Workers Coalition in 1969, NYC artists formed groups to advance their agendas and ideas. The arising of the Soho district, Gordon Matta-Clark, P.S. 1, Artists Meeting and Art & Language New York, Colab and punk art, Political Art Documentation group, and Group Material comprise a trajectory or lineage of politicized artistic practice. Today sees a resurgence of collective formations in the USA, and also a consideration of collective practice in itself. Alan Moore was a critic, video artist, and member of Colab, ABC No Rio, MWF Video Club, and hangs out with 16 Beaver Group. He is doctor (without medicine), and teaches when he can afford to. He is in Hamburg researching for "House Magic," an information project on European occupied social centers.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

go west

The last couble of weeks a friend of mine from Toronto is riding from Ontario to B.C., on horseback. Although he has no direct wireless connection, on some stops he can update the blog and gallery. Pretty amazing journey through Canada:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Notstandskomitee Automatenmusik on iTunes available

The 4. CD album of Notstandskomitee from 2001 is now available on iTunes

Like the previous release, the split album Y2K with Cyberthreat, all electronic tracks are instrumental, bordering on the IDM area.

The main synthesizer was the Nord Modular 1, all sequencing is done internally with its step sequencers. Additionally Csound, some other hardware synths and effects where used.

Physical release was in 2001 on Block 4, available on vinyl LP and CD with bonustracks, which are all included in this digital release.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

video workshop

This year I am going to give a workshop / lab again at Unlimited Liability art store in Hamburg, but not about Pure Data again, this time about video editing with open source tools, mainly Cinelerra. Exakt date will be given soon.

Notstandskomitee 20. anniversary 2011

Next year is 20. anniversary of Notstandskomitee and I hope I can release the backcatalog way back to the cassettes at least on the ITunes of this world. Right now I am listening through all the material, nice memories but some stuff I have to leave out because of the liberal use of samples from movies in that time which I can't release in these days.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


whats about this bashing of Homeopathy, why noone question the practices and prices of the pharma industry?,1518,706257,00.html

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my studio is a tardis

Now I am certain, my studio is sort of disfunct Tardis. Its bigger from the inside when it comes to misplacing things and times shifts, usually forward, when I start to program sounds for new tracks.