Wednesday, November 25, 2009

bugfixing time!

remember that I wrote about the bug in deStatik? Fortunally I could fix it a while ago. I guess I have the line from the examples of OpenCV where the mainloop is stopped when no frame can captured from the camera. In deStatik the image processing is done in a separate thread and that break statement lead to a simple stop of that routine while the rest of the program continue to run but didn't get any motiondata. It makes sense in examples and debugging sessions but its not good to have break statements in application which have to run 24/7!

But I wonder why it didn't happend in the first place in Graz. It had a month time to show up on two computers.

Anyway, tonight I fixed a small but annyoing bug in Minicomputer, not showing the patch and multinames correctly. So far its in the svn repository only.

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