Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alan W. Moore in Hamburg

Alan W. Moore is in town and going to have 2 lectures. Tonight (28.7.) he speaks about the “House Magic” project at Frise Hamburg, 20:00.

Alan W. Moore, art historian and retired artist, speaks about the “House Magic” project. This “bureau of foreign correspondence” (himself) is a years-long project dedicated to explaining the movement of occupied social centers – besetzten Häusern mit politischen Richtung aka “Centro Sociale Occupato Autogestione” (CSOA) – to a U.S. audience. The first show was produced by the visual arts collective at ABC No Rio in NYC last year, and included “wallpaper,” stencils, banners, videos, books and dossiers from the internet. Later shows of this mobile archive were in Chicago and Philadelphia. Moore's research trip this summer has taken him to London, Madrid and now Hamburg. Auf Englisch mit some Deutschliches interpolation. With pictures.

Tomorrow 20:00 he speaks at Unlimited Liability (Norderstr. 71 ug) about "New York Art Gangs, post-'68"
--"Artists' groups do not make objects so much as they make changes"--

Beginning with the Arts Workers Coalition in 1969, NYC artists formed groups to advance their agendas and ideas. The arising of the Soho district, Gordon Matta-Clark, P.S. 1, Artists Meeting and Art & Language New York, Colab and punk art, Political Art Documentation group, and Group Material comprise a trajectory or lineage of politicized artistic practice. Today sees a resurgence of collective formations in the USA, and also a consideration of collective practice in itself. Alan Moore was a critic, video artist, and member of Colab, ABC No Rio, MWF Video Club, and hangs out with 16 Beaver Group. He is doctor (without medicine), and teaches when he can afford to. He is in Hamburg researching for "House Magic," an information project on European occupied social centers.

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