Sunday, April 15, 2012

Elektronengehirn concert 16.April 2012 Berlin

Elektronengehirn performs at Mme Claude Berlin, 16. April 2012 21:00

rehearsing Elektronengehirn PureData live setup at the Block 4 studio Berlin

Experimontag at Madame Claude Lübbener Straße 19, 10997 Berlin, Germany

The full program:
CONURE (Ambient Noise/US,DE)
Now based in Berlin, Mark Wilson (also of 15 Degrees Below Zero and Rings of Smoke Through the Trees) has been creating ambient noise and other varieties of sound art under the moniker Conure since May of 2000. He has released an extensive catalog of music on Edgetone Records, Connexion Bizarre, Solipsism, Crunch Pod, and others, in addition to touring successfully throughout the US, Canada, and Berlin. Conure has also collaborated and performed with various other sound art, new music, and jazz musicians such as Big City Orchestra, Instagon, Nihil Communication, Rent Romus, CJ Borosque, Phillip Greenlief, and Thomas Park, amonst others. He currently utilizes various microphones, effects pedals, loops, field recordings, and mixer as his main set of tools to create sounds that range from minimal drones to heavily layered walls of feedback and cacophony.

ELEKTRONENGEHIRN (Electroacoustic Computer Music/Berlin)
After Elektronengehirn had started as a sideproject of the industrial outfit Notstandskomitee in 1996, it quickly took on a life of its own. Elektronengehirn is experimental and closely connected to the visual arts. The main feature of this electroacoustic music is that it’s done only with software instead of hardware synthesizers. Malte Steiner, who is the head behind the music, uses Max/MSP, pd and csound, and has played concerts in as many countries as Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK, Cuba, Thailand and the US.

DAVIDLY (Implied Music and Ambient/US, DE)

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